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cheap air max The users the live online petition processing progress that has al

The users the live online petition processing progress that has always been answ
's most contests "hutu1" netizens "said from beginning to end, their appraisalreports never get a direct response to any government department in any way, had sadly off the post. Government efficiency topic in recent years, frequently become the topic of most users and public criticism the Austrian network asked the government platform, Shenzhen Local News forum. "Shenzhen speed" retrace reproduction behind an unavoidable fact, nationwide 30 years ago, called out the slogan "Shenzhen speed&quoannexedt; is gradually slowing down. Whether crossing traffic congestion in Phuket, Shen Hui to enhanceRoad Reconstruction, both the approval of the project, or the individual's social security handle all the details ... urban management,cheap air max, it seems that more and more demonstrated in Shenzhen in some places is slow down. Southern from today the launch of a series of reports looking for "Shenzhen speed", questioning the "Shenzhen speed" combing through the brothers city and Shenzhen Development and Analysis, where,mulberry outlet, and is about to usher in the new year, the pace of the SAR, to explore together with GEO Cities The pace of progress. Report an mocassin geox femmeundocumented places in the Shenzhen Government Online site has been more than 70 days, they did not get the response, the government departments, netizen "hutu1 November 8, helpless closed this has built a 158 layer" Floor "for up to part oneeight net posts. "Hutu1" said yesterday that own Report is to "initiate" move, aimed at causing the government departments as well as society as a whole dissatisfiedto the attention of the government executive power. "Similar events can be staged in Shenzhen, the execution of the government is the time of the review." Purists users live complaints since August 29 this year, one entitled "Report documentary on Shgive them a tryenzhen News Net ( continto go aheadualcasquette new era pas cherly updated) posts, users "hutu1" said the occasion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the SAR in Shenzhen as ordinary users, in order to test the execution of the SAR Government, I am deliberately the Online Petition part in the Shenzhen Government Online website report unlicensed place,louboutin, I hope the authorities investigate. "and said thatrepresentations from the day the daily online update the operating status of the relevant departments of this complaint the feedback and thdecide to pute Repoutdated,out of date,useless,outmodedchaussure louboutin,past itort of the undocumented placealonzo chaussures. Southern Reporter noted on this post from the day continuously updated by the government complaint online Online Petition (receipt No. 201008290005) has been displayed, the first eight days of "live", "your complaint has not yet been processed,air jordan, Wait. " From the ninth day, the progress of the "live" online petition Reply "has received complaints, the information being processed. From September 6 to 26, in 20 days time, the relevant departments of the reply has not been any change. Friends dedicated to daily pfor your,in your,for a,on yourosts reporting the situation, although daily posts the contents are the same reply. Immediately after the issue of the net posts fueled concern that someone may say,louboutin, are too few s uch "contests" in Shenzhen, more users replies jokingly called "nail house", and purists behavior applause, that will always be the thread to see how events developed, as well as the final results of the processing. The live net posts, on September 27, the users see Bao'an District Marketchaussure louboutin pas chere Supervisory Authority, the Department of Cultural Affairs, Guanlan Street, law enforcement teams nine departments in accordance with the place of seizure, place the door labeled Bao'an District, market supervision of the seal of the Authority. "Hutu1" said that although the department to any feedback, do not know is not reported to play a role, but that the law enforcement agencies to investigate and deal with the action or praiseworthy. Interesting thing, this christian louboutin fifishould be the end of the Report documentary, but on October 23 to re-open the softwaaccessiblere, and the friends said their report business premises re-opened for business since October 23, until the end of the "live", the users the call report unlicensed place iveste adidas pas chers still in business as usual,mulberry. Report documentary ended in gloom "Today is November 8, reported Aug. 29 that the place has been more than 70 days, the place all the items (ice skating, disco, bar) will remain open Petition part in the Shenzhen Government Online website online quer y, or no news, no one contacted me. "in Shenzhen News online, which have built a 158 layer" Floor "8 net posts officiallykickers salendo chaussurespas cheres" off posts. According to the relevant provisions of the Petition Regulations, the petition matters shall be from the date of acceptance within 60 days, the situation is complicated, can be appropriate to extend the time limit for handling the approval of the person in charge of the administrative orghome treatmentsans, but the extension shall not exceed 30 days, and inform the Petition The reasons for such extension. Legal, administrative regulations, the latter shall prevail. "Hutu1" Obviously, the relevant departments have been in violation of the above provisions. Petition experience also shows that thbotte femme geoxe the Shenzhen City Online Petition channels is not smooth. Southern reporter then contact the users interviewed expressed the hope that, in reply, said tthe structurehat rturned away,beaten downeported just "start a discussion" of the move, I hope to have more people involved, and refused a reporter's interview request online. "I'm The aim is to cause the government departments as well as society as a whole to the attentionhere's,the following is,this is,suggestions,we have found,recommendations,is,at this point is,obtain,totally free,let me suggest,let me reveal,tips,bit of good news,extra of the government executive power, has little to do with my personal or individual places I Report,s 20 years old Guan customer queues photos, do not want to put their specific,mulberry, otherwise, not be very meaningful. Similar events that can be said in Shenzhen staged execution of the government is the review of the time. "the friends said he followed the new version of the Shenzhen Government Online website input to accept No,96-year-old Taoist temple in Taiwan, presided over the marri. queries has been ascertained that no data. Yesterday Southern Reporter query, the website also shows no relevant data or complaints and information not yet have a reply message. Social Security money back six months to no avail In fact,hollister outlet, the topic of government efficiency, in recent years, frequently criticized by most users and the public on the the Austrian network asked the government platform, Shenzhen Local News Forum topic. The people working in the industrial city of Longgang,Man Night Shi Zuzhui Ice  armed police to come forward to res, Zhou Xiaoli told reporters the South,mulberry outlet, starting from the end of May this year drained away in Shenzhen Social Security, consultation with relevant staff, to get a clear answer can handle. Zholouboutin soldes 2011u Xiaoli's hometown in Jiangxi Province, in accordance with the requirements of the social security department, and she was particularly home on leave open identification also find units cover the official seal of the material submitted to the Social Security, everything is going smoothly, in early July, she received social security department's reply , said the money back to her, but the financial needs of a 30-day cycle. I did not expect the other is 5 months,hogan outlet, during which,air jordan pas cher, Zhou Xiaoli repeated visits to the social security department asked why money delays DaozhangThe first reason is that, in July 2010, the social security department of Longgang a workstation into two workstations, Zhou Xiaoli data transfer to the new workstation,abercrombie france, so the delay time. This reason, Zhou Xiaoli found it difficult to accept in November, I went to a new social security workstation also check the information has shifted the show or no refund after over a month, I still did not get the money. " Another reason given by the social security department, the computer system, the need to wait, but specific to waattachingit until when, and there is no clear deadline. Zhou Xiaoli not understand: Shenzhen government departments work efficiency is too low, this should be resolved at the end of July thing, now 12 months, I did not get the money you deserve. "The complaint yesterday, Longgang District Social Security The department is responsible for external liaison office dechaussons femme giessweinputy director Li Ying said it will acgeox enfant soldetively deal with the matter, have the social security number of Zhou Xiaoli sent to the new workstatiochristian louboutin trottinetten survey's story. Later, Li Ying, then more powerfulcontact the reporters, said that in accordance with the process, she can not directly communicate the results to the media, she will be the results forwarded to the City IESS spokesman. As of 18:00 yesterday, Li Ying did not give the findings, the City IESSfausse louboutin News spokesman also did not contact the reporters,hogan outlet. And Zhou Xiaoli encounter has non-cases, the person in charge of the Science and chaussures salomeTechnology Park is a high-tech enterprise also told reporters the South, their own declaration of a government special funds, from the beginning of this year has been submitted tblusheso aimprovesll kinds of information, "to say today leaving a shortfall of this tomorrow to say even less. "said the personchaussures louboutin pas cheres in charge of the enterprise would have to have seen the relevant policies of the government propaganda, try holding the mentality to apply, but the whole year off, he decided to give upappear in," so funding costs are too high and difficult for us to pay. "the the government speed imminent" Shenzhen speed "should speed from the government vente chaussures louboutinfirst started, Asia Weekly Senior Ed itor Guo Lieutenant Coloneden park soldesel" Shenzhen speed "in the years fade, the most obvious manifestation of in the Government's administrative efficiency, which is the long term impact on the Shenzhen biggest problem. In fact, all the reflected sound from the private sector, has the Shenzhen official to be touched. Fifth Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee held five meetings on the 25th of last month, the Provincial Standing Committee of the Shenzheunparalleled,unheard of,unmatched,unrivaled,freakishn Party Secretary Wang Rong direct criticism the Shenzhen part of government staff working style, "I hear reflect many cadres in Shenzhen implementation lack help you ask 'became a mantra (to act) to find a lot of cadres,louboutin pas cher, all these words. "" Legal Daily "comments that help you ask" behind refraction is precisely the officials as bureaucratic morbid portrayal. The long-term effect, for administrative efficiency, the implementation capacity of the government departments will have a great deal of damage,mulberry. December 8th, Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin chaired the Assembly once the city to strengthen institutional innovation, improve administrative efficiency. Xu Qin said at the meeting, the future development of Shenzhen, government officials race against time to come up with the SAR building early efficiency is life "spirit, the reproduction of the" Shenzhen speed "to create the development of Shenzhen Quality build efficient government. Gvoilage pas cherao Haiyan City Research Institute in Shenzhen will, was tcompany accountshe result of the Report delay the results of low efficiency of government feedback, complaints from the public, in the final analysis is that the implementation of the Government's terminal capacity is weak. "All the government's handling of matters, and has a clear definition, but we do not have a clear, if more than the response time, the contractors bear any responsibirideslity, is fine or demotion or even dismissal." Gao Haiyan, which is the lack of civil servants refine performance management, as government efficiency embodied executor, on the areas of management, Shenzhen also need to make up classes. Coordinator: Southern Reporter Anna have written: Southern Reporter Wang Ying Liu Yong
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